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Easing The Pain Of Monthly Cycles

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When you don’t get pregnant

One of the functions of the female’s reproductive system is to house the fetus but what if you don’t get pregnant? That’s when you get your period, a monthly cycle where the endometrium or uterus lining shed blood that was meant to supply the unborn baby with nutrients. It’s terrifying to get a pregnancy scare and also when your period comes in late but it’s painful and irritating to experience menstruation as well. Yes, it’s a hassle but it’s all part of nature’s way to control population and protect women’s health.


Before menstruation the body prepares for pregnancy by releasing female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, and making a layer of blood and mucus in the uterus. These hormones sometimes travel through the bloodstream into the brain, messing with other hormones which cause premenstrual syndrome or PMS. It messes with other hormones in the brain. It lowers serotonin levels, the feel-good hormone. GABA suppresses stress and anxiety however this also lowers during PMS which results to women’s stress levels running high. The most common symptoms of PMS include mood swings, irritability, upset stomach, poor sleep, and nausea. Women experience PMS differently. Some undergo intense dysmenorrhea that they simply can’t function.

When the actual shedding occurs, symptoms involve bloating, cramping, and the feeling of wanting to poop but not really.

Easing the pain

A healthy lifestyle can reduce the effects of PMS which means getting 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, eating a balanced diet, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise, and getting enough morning sunlight for that vitamin D. Speaking of vitamins, it can also help but instead of getting pills which could have pharmaceutical side effects, try using PMS supplements in the form of patches. These patches include essential vitamin such as B6 and D to combat mood swings, calcium to reduce emotional and physical symptoms, magnesium to reduce cramps, chaste berry tree extract to regulate estrogen and progesterone levels, and melatonin which can help give a good night’s sleep.

The patch is applied directly unto the skin so it releases vitamins directly into the bloodstream unlike taking pills where you have to wait for it to get digested. Skip the pill, try the patch.

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